Good Deed Program

Sat, Oct 1, 2022

DU has launched ’Good Deed Program’ for the Anti Bullying Prevention month with the intent to continue the program for the rest of the school year.

Teachers can write the student's name and reason on the Good Deed card, recognizing them for doing something exemplary and good. When a student receives a Good Deed card from any teacher/school personnel, the student needs to turn in the card to the office. We will announce students’ name during the Friday morning assembly. Students who accumulate 5 cards, will receive a treat from the office. In addition, the student with highest number of cards at the end of each semester, will receive a special gift from the school. Students must show exemplary deeds to be recognized.

Following are some of the criteria to recognize students: Shows exemplar character through his/her compassion, honesty, trustworthiness, responsibility, optimism, and loyalty in creating a positive school environment. Assists others in need. I Demonstrates utmost respect for self and others. I Shows extraordinary kindness and consideration

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