Supply List 2023 - 2024


General Supplies for HS

Each student needs to bring in the following GENERAL SUPPLIES FOR HS. For personal items, see PERSONAL SUPPLIES below.

  • 3 boxes of KLEENEX/ TISSUES
  • 2 large containers of CLOROX OR LYSOL WIPES
  • 1 pkg/ream of copy paper
  • 1 large bottle of hand sanitizer

  • Each student needs to have a working laptop computer/chromebook.
    *Please contact the administration if you have an issue.
    **Advanced computer courses must have a laptop that is not a chromebook.

    Remaining (personal) supplies will depend on the classes you are enrolled in. After school starts, teachers will notify students of any specific supplies needed.

    Suggested Personal Supplies

    Note: When it comes to personal supplies, it is generally up to the student to determine what they need. Some students may prefer separate one-subject notebooks for every class. Others may prefer larger 3-subject or 5-subject notebooks for all classes. And the variations go on.
    When it comes to personal supplies, feel free to get what you see fit.

    For inspiration, see the following list of suggested supplies.
  • Planner
  • Writing supplies to be brought to class (pencils (mechanical or not), pens, highlighters)
  • Folders
  • 1 notebook (college-ruled) per expected class (generally 8)
  • 1pkg of loose leaf notebook paper (college-ruled)
  • Scissors
  • Large pink erasers
  • Post-It Notes
  • Laptop bag