Wait... If you are a new parent and would like discuss your kid's enrollment with the School Administration, please setup a meeting or call before filling the online application.

Step 1: Submit Application

Click here for 2023-24 School Year enrollment

Step 2: Pay Registration Fee

  • Pay Registration Fee by check at DU school office or Pay by using Zelle
  • DU Registration Fee:
    • Returning Students: $120 until Apr 30th, $150 (May 1st - May 31st), $175 (after Jun 1st)
    • New Students: $150 until until May 31st, $175 (after Jun 1st)
  • DUQA Registration Fee:
    • NON DU students: $30
    • DU Students: $0 (as it is included in the DU registration fee)

    Step 3: Application Processing

  • Please note that application processing will begin only after receiving the Registration/Application Fee.
  • If your child is new at DU, please submit your child's Birth Certificate to the office.

  • Step 4: TextBook and Admin Fee

  • When application is approved, pay Admin and Textbook Fee by check at the office or Pay by using Auto Withdrawal bank account that is on file with the school
  • DU Textbook Fee:
    • PreK1: $75
    • PreK2: $150
    • KG: $275
    • Grade 1-12th: $300

    Step 5: Final Status

    Application will be completed without conditions once the school receives the following:
  • Birth Certificate (New Students)
  • Auto Withdrawal (Auto-Withdrawal) Form can be found in "Parents" tab
  • Current Physical Health Examination Records and Up-to-date Immunization (Pre-K1, KG, 6th Grade, 9th Grade, 12th Grade, New to IL)
  • Current Dental Examination Form (KG, 2nd Grade, 6th Grade, 9th Grade, New to IL)
  • Current Eye Examination Form (KG, New to IL)
  • Psychological/social/developmental reports and any other relevant information if applicable
  • Allergy and/or any medical condition
  • Null