Grading Policy

Reviews will be conducted once a week on the pages memorized the week before.

Please check your kid's progress from the Parent Portal

  • If a student misses/fails a review, they will be given two weeks to pass.
  • If a student failed three reviews per semester, MANDATORY parent meeting will be called to discuss action plan for student's success.
  • Opportunities will be given to clear ALL failed reviews in Winter and Spring breaks.
  • Summer retesting will be offered to those students who have 8 or less failed reviews by the end of the school year.

  • At the end of school year....
    Weekly Reviews Failed Final Grade Summer Program
    0 - 4 Pass Optional
    5 - 8 On Hold.
    Need to clear during Summer Program (Max 4 failed reviews)
    9 or more Failed (Repeat the Year) N/A