Parent Commitment

Parent involvement is very critical for the success of the program.

Please check your kid's progress from the Parent Portal

Daily Checklist
  • Check student progress

  • Discuss with your child what they have learned that day

  • Ensure that your child recites the ayahs memorized that day to make weekly review easier

  • Sign the folder after your child's revision is done

  • Encourage your child to revise even they have school homeworks or projects

Weekend Checklist
  • Sign weekend recitation/review log after child has completed the assigned MATERIAL on Saturday and Sunday. Each class has varying Juz/Surahs.

  • Parents can ensure that their child is prepared for their Monday/Wednesday REVIEW by listening to their children review on the weekend.

  • Results will be sent on Monday/Tuesday. Parents are required to sign them.

  • Involve your child in Physical Activities during the weekend for better health

Student Motivation
  • DUQA students enrolling in extra curricular activities DURING class time is HIGHLY discouraged

  • Missing class time means PARENTS will make up all Tajweed, Memorization and Review at home

  • Teachers are NOT required to provide additional help in class in this case